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I hope more physical pyromancies get added if another souls game comes out. Being a terramancer would be pretty damn cool.
So...... how's this a pyromancy?
It's more of a geomancy, which is kinda cool in itself imo.
Basically it’s lava balls that have turned to stone over decades of cooling. The stray demon was a fire demon.. who lost its flame.
Ok I guess the second explanation makes sense
So, rosabeth's cough got this worse?
This or Emit Force?
With this you can actually deal damage and have a more generous splash
Perfect for my santa cosplay, now I can give coal to the naughty children
havel approves using this and iron flesh
Does have approve of me not getting his ring to get this spell??
I wish Souls games had more Earth-centered magic. King's Field had an entire Earth-magic line of spells so I don't think it would be impossible.
I have a new respect for this spell. Carried me through the whole Demon Ruins & Demon King bossfight
This spell is amazing against Midir!