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By Anonymous
I was going for Doctor's ending, and made the pact with one of my companion rather than the main character. When Doctor showed up after the final fight, I wasn't given the choice to fulfill the pact and the party member denied it automatically (which got him erased plus all leads to normal ending again). So I guess if you're going on this route, use your main character to do the talking, I guess.
By Anonymous
I'm fairly certain Definitive Edition nerfed the XP for the battle. Just prior to heading up the stairs from the basement, I needed 2,231,800 XP to reach Level 21. After the battle - killing the Demon Adramahlikh, 4 Nemesis, and all the Nurses - I still needed 1,338,850 XP for Level 21 - a difference of only 892,950, and only half of what this Wiki says.

The battle itself was very easy. The Nurses have no physical armor, making the vulnerable to Battering Ram, Battle Stomp, Bouncing Shield, Blood Storm, etc. I used 2 Mind Maggot grenades, keeping 2 Nemesis charmed for about 6 rounds. Champion Incarnate and area effects to keep wearing down Adramahlikh's armor. I basically didn't even get attacked after the second round.

I had read so much about this being a difficult fight if you had Lohse in the party that I spent the better part of 2 days tweaking gear and respec characters. In the end, I was disappointed because it was such a cake walk. And that's with Lohse out for most of the fight - she's my heavy hitter, especially when using Green Tea and Skin Graft. I never even had to use Apotheosis on any character.
By Anonymous
Try it without Green Tea and Skingraft. Green Tea is ez mode
By Anonymous
If you're like me and can't use the back entrance there is a trick to get to the basement through the house without speaking to the doctor: make one character invisible (potion or chameleon skin) and just walk past him and lockpick the door. Then teleport the rest of the party there with pyramids.
By Anonymous
Can someone explain to me what to do without lohse in your party? What happens if I take the doctors deal? More xp? Or just kill him. No malady at his house for me
By Anonymous
I found a way to attack before the doctor. I split the group and placed them near the entrance of the doctors office. I make Sebille (my main) enter the office and talk to the doctor. Then I click on another member of the group and position them in a strategic way. Then I cast poison dart on the doctor, causing him to react and a dialog open with two options a) attack b) brive. I choose attack, then a fight between doctor and fane (poison dart character) begin. Now Sebille is talking with the doctor assistant and the dialog has two option a) attack b) something a did not read (lol). Now a fight start with the doctor and all my characters, but is the second fight, between sebille and the rest, hence, the first turn is sebille's.
By Anonymous
I must have done something very wrong for this. Malady never took me anywhere and after killing Adramahlik she still said she was going to find a way to help us deal with him. Now Lohse won't walk to me about it saying she enjoys chit-chat but wants to speak to the one who recruited her efforts (I played co-op and she won't talk to either of the players as of the other characters). The whole storyline is completely bugged or broken for me which is SUPREMELY disappointing.
By Anonymous
This fight kicked my butt a couple of times before I tried using Green Tea. Very easy after that.
By Anonymous
" speaking to Lohse at this point will cause her to rejoice at finally being free, and you can listen to her sing a special song."

OK, that sentence does not do justice to this scene. Lohse not only sings (and plays her lute) but has a percussion section and special effects. Its a fantastic bit of animation to find in a game. None of the other characters have nearly as nice a quest conclusion, although Red Prince and his lady come close. Lohse will be on every team I make from now on just for this.
By Anonymous
In DE: I didn't snuff out the final thousands of candles for more XP to level 21, but Adramahlikh only give me 18X,XXX, 4 Nemesis + 6 nurses + Adramahlikh + quest completed= 1,0XX,XXX XP. After this quest, I still need 71X,XXX XP to level 21 and this quest is my last quest before finaly battle, very disappointed.
By Anonymous
As far as I can tell, you only meet Malady (who takes you to the doctors pocket dimension) as well as Jahan in jail if you have Lohse in your party.
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