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My love, my true mentor, you'll be with me for all 3 journey
That moment when you realize that the rumors are false and the great axe is actually a great weapon
Put your grasses on
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Correct me if im wrong but Im pretty sure the highest ar possible at sl 802 is hollow infused greataxe, red tearstone ring, Flynn ring, magic clutch ring, darkmoon blade casted with yorshkas chime, and lothric banner.
If you look up Limit Breaker's max AR video on YouTube you'll see that the highest AR achievable is achievable through the Lothric Knight Greatsword, however the Greataxe does have the potential to have the highest purely physical AR.
lothric greatsword gets highest AR, but it's split damage. needs plenty testing on different opponents to figure out if it has the best damage potential.
Which one:

Heavy infused Greataxe with Lightning/Crystal Magic buff


Lightning/Magic infused Greataxe with Warcry?
warcry if u want to two hand it. I use it with a greatshield with magic shield in the arena and cheese people in gold.
warcry boost the physical part of the damage. either heavy or hollow and buff. depending how much stats you have to allocate for this.
40 dex 40 str
+10 refined greataxe gives me 329+321 (650) two handed AR, and you can also use gold pine bundle for extra damage... this thing is actually insane
i forgot war cry also boosts damage a little bit, so its roughly + 100 AR (considering absorptions and etc) if you use gold pine bundle and WA

perfect weapon to pvp because you can deal about 1k~ damage in first two hits and finish off enemy with something else (usually 1 more hit with anything that has atleast 425~ AR)

in offhand use something to compensate your range and stamina consumption or just swap mid battle (but thats kinda yikes)
old wold curved gs and pontiff right eye combo probably wont get you anywhere because you'd still have to get 1 more hit i think
oh wait, huge mistake, i didnt realise war cry overwrites lighting and vice versa, so you can only buff it once with something
Only dumb fat Casuls would use such a trash weapon!
PKCS is so much better!
Real Pros and skilled players only ever use PKCS, the best weapon gaming history!!
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Dumb fat Lumberjacks use Axes! Dark Souls Pros use the allmighty Broken Straight Sword!
In 2016 they released this *points a covenant*, way of blue. Their most accomplished host protection. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "blades of the darkmoon". A covenant so catchy, most people probably don't question why is there when they already have blue sentinels. But they should because it's not just about the toxicity induced to a large part of souls community and the importance of balance, it's also a personal statement about the incompetence of miyazaki himself.

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