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more like gundead
ah yes the punching bag of ds runners
You should circle him, and attack when he misses his swing.
Was a pain in the @ss on my first time in DS3, now on ng+12 and +500 hrs, I simply obliterate the dude before he even gets up with 3 hits of DS Greataxe Weapon Art



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41 attempts
i can do it in 40 gg get good kid
Nothing pErSoNnEl kid but I did it on 39 attempts
~15 attempts
I really need 2 git gud
The garbage collector of DS3. Sorting the garbage out.
This game has a very welcoming and happy start. F u c k you
Ah yes.. the substitute Asylum Demon.. Gundyr.
And people legit say Dark Souls 3 isn’t just the original Dark Souls Remastered.
erm gundyr i think you may have a tumor on your back should i call a doctor or something
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