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I died so many times to her until I used the poison blade and killed her first attempt. Use the poison blade. It melts her.
I've been messing around with the game, and found out you can sneak up behind her for a free deathblow like Shirahagi. There's just a few extra steps that you need to do. 1st you run past her and shimmy along the cliffside til you're across but hidden from the other snipers at the Gunfort. Then you use Bite Down or Hiddent Tooth to kill yourself and come back. Optional to use a Gachiin, but at this point you just sneak behind her and get that free deathblow. Not a mindblowing discovery, but it's pretty cool to find out you can still cut her health down half if you want to.
Urgh for someone who seems to be specialized in ranged combat, she sure hits like a truck up close. Just beat her in ng+ charmless and I'm now traumatized by how fast and devastating her swings are.
you can get a free deathblow!
go past her shimmy along the wall, run to the bridge but turn back quick as the snipers will shoot at you. if youre quick and quiet enogh shell be yellow. wait a secound and you can sneak up and get a free deathblow. now just diont die.
if she jumps off a cliff for no reason, can you still get her prayer bead?
Nope. You get no experience and no prayer bead. She respawns if you rest at an idol though.
If your playstyle does't involve a lot of prosthetic tools/items, this miniboss can be one of the hardest in the game. She's optional (unlike Shirahagi in the swamp later on), so run past her and continue on with the Gun Fort. Fight her later after unlocking the idol after the Gun Fort, or much later when you have more HP.
I'm on an NG+4 run and Shirafugi continues to be one of the only minibosses that surprise me with how tricky she can be. Her hits can usually be blocked/dodged easily, but missing even one can be a death sentence.