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I can't find the merchant again at no man's wharf
They only appear there once
He moves to harvest valley then doors of pharros permanently
If you're talking about the wizard, he moves to Majula.
I want to be member of anonymous
I didnt discover 1 location but I discovered all in this list of locations , ?!?!
What does the number mean at the bottom of each map on the quick travel menu?
Bonfire intensity
I believe its the bonfire level



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its the intensity. if you ever go into ng, all of them will go up by one. You can also use an item (i forgot the name, but it looks like a pumpkin) to increase it without going into a new game
The cake is a lie
wow, haven't heard that one before.
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If you go to drangleic castle, and light the forgotten chamber bonfire, you can see all of the areas and locations you havent unlocked yet.
yeah, i have lit it but still cannot see it