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"No superstes!"
"ad mortem inimicus"
this weapon might not be good against bosses, but it absolutely destroys the minor enemies, even the greatshield ones don't stand a chance if you just spam R1... if you're fighting a boss though, just switch into a broadsword and it will do just fine against them
where's my 500+ ar crystal helberd gone ;-; idc abt the 20 durability i miss that thing :(
traversing the greatshields??? 'tis but a POKATHON MONSTER!!! have thine own respect, go not yonder blocking for nothing, i say!
hey! fromsoft protagonists! ye see that right there on this thing? it's called an axe head, USE IT MORE
Are you dumb ?
The only attacks that use the pickhead on this weapon are the standing r1's when 1hd and 2hd as well as the charge.

Every other attack (R2's, rolling R1's, running R1's and jumps) make use of the axe head.

If anything it's the point that's underused in this weapon's moveset.
very diverse moveset including it's weapon art this thing can do some pretty cool mix ups especially if you switch between the 1 handed and 2 handed movesets
My favorite weapon out of ALL halberds for a regen build with blessed infusion. The only two halberds that do more damage blessed are the Splitleaf or the Wing Knight Halberd, and since these don't have a pierce R1 they are not interesting to me. This weapon is just so damn versatile. With blessed at +10 it has S scaling. So underrated.
Simple scaling magic is S.
This weapon is so goddamn underrated, its an upgraded and more versatile version of any spear, and you can get it before even getting to high wall of lothric, it offers all kinds of tricks against low-to-average weight enemies, just spamming its R1 is enough to take down 90% of the minor/average enemies, that includes: halberd undeads, great axe undeads, rogue undeads, flamberge-wielding rogues, shied and spear undeads, ghrus and even shield and spear ghrus or irithyll knights which are nearly mini bosses, among many other enemies of the kind, you also might consider ALWAYS using the Weapon Art against enemies such as: lothric knights, greatshield lothric knights, human enemies, glowing-red-eyed undeads and any enemy that can be staggered by it, its a strategy similar to the pain train, against the skeleton dogs there is the slashing and spinning attack, just time it correctly so it will release shortly before the dogs reach you, and not even need to mention how the halberd absolutely DISMANTLES skeletons from the catacombs, even those fast ones that are absolutely annoying get dismantled with a mere R1, so you can just spam it and kill them easily, with enough experience you'll barely care about them unless there is more than 1, so yeah the halberd is the perfect weapon against minor enemies, specially at early game but also works at late game for most enemies. As for the enemies that CANT be staggered by the halberd, you might consider using Battle Axe+10 and spamming R1, it works best against huge enemies such as bosses, winged knights and giant crabs that can't be staggered by the halberd, but will receive huge damage in short amounts of time if you use Battle Axe since its very quick, unlike greatswords and ultra greatswords (sorry strenght builds but any fast boss will topple you down before you get to hit it with your greatmace cuz of the huge delay of attack)
Can someone simplify this for me? I'm too lazy to read all of it
Halberd good, r1 good dps
I miss demons souls moveset on this bad boy