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is there a diablo 3 wiki?
punk there is no diablo 3 wiki but i played that game before.
i almost played all rpg games they are skyrim, oblivion morrowind, ds1, ds2, ds3, diablo 1, diablo 2, diablo 3, diablo 4, demon souls, bloodborne, dragon age 1, dragon age 2, dragon age 3, path of exiles, fallout 3, fallout new vegas,, kingdoms of amalur, assassins creed, conan tell yours too
Message point at some random dead dude in Irithyll
"Try tongue, but hole"
-Well, I guess Sulivan can wait a little longer
Are you guys ready for eldern ring boys?
No and not wasting money for so i will play ds3 instead
We are ready to Pirate. You can pay Full Jewgold for it.
I believe in you , You can do it.
I cant DO IT!
I Can't do this!! it has been 1 month and i am still stuck on the first boss, Ludex Gundyr because of his Frampt thing (NPC from ds1) coming out!
Try not getting close to him all the time and roll on every attack he makes. You have to learn what kind of moves he makes, of course
I would say some tips but people that can't kill Gundyr don't deserve to have any gaming experience with any game at all
I ran over 9 people in 1984
yes and that was me the 6th person you ran over was me, then i revived at a bonfire that looks like a dark soul bonfire. when i looked at my face on the mirror, my face is red no eyes, i was hollow! i saw the firekeeper and i said who are you? fire kepper said im your level up guy. i said huh cool
Reply to this comment with your opinion on pizza hut
It sucks
Kinda okay. Not peculiar
My favourite
Only ever use the Broken Straight Sword! If you use anything else, you are a casul!
No Naked Bare Fists? So Plebeian.