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This weapon does not get enough flack for the ultimate broken, try-hard weapon that it is. People always rip on the Lothric Knight Straight Sword, but this weapon is 10x more overpowered. While it is widely used, fortunately it's not as popular as some straight swords. In that way, I guess I'm glad it doesn't get as much hate as it deserves. Then try-hards would flock to it.
It’s still a slow weapon though. The best one out there but I think it’s overshadowed by the infamous LKSS and PKCS because those weapons are so quick and easy to pressure opponents with and this is that much worse in DS3 because of how poise works. The amount of salt quick weapons can produce in this game is extreme.
June 25th Anon, it doesn't really matter that its a slower weapon when you can't punish it when it wiffs. If you try to attack someone who misses with an R1, they'll just tank your hit since this weapon as insane hyper armor while R1 spamming. And the weapon isn't slow enough to hit the player with most ranged attacks before they can roll away. The best you can do is guess when your opponent is running low on stamina and attack then. The odds aren't in your favor, however, and if you guess wrong: there goes half your HP. When using Exile GS, you can basically just stand still, wait for your opponent to get close, and spam R1 until you win. Absolutely busted.
I'm surprised how this weapon still retains a decent strength scaling even after for eg. simple or dark infusion
Bruh someone killed me with this thing from 2 whole sword lengths away of THEIR SWORD. Does lag really break the game that badly? Why tf do people take pvp so seriously in that case? This game’s pvp sucks balls
Learning to understand how lag affects gameplay is a skill required to pvp well in this game (or just about any game without dedicated servers). If it's not a skill you're interested in learning, that's fine, but just because you're not good at it doesn't mean it sucks balls.
compensating a poor game design called..."skill"... that you are not meant to have in first place, in any game ever, is not an argument for justification of a poor game design. if that was a rule, a * game developer could decide to save up their work and just say "you have to learn an ancient holy skill of the lag". The first comment is correct. It just sucks. the problem here is that the game understands only 2 regions - japan, and rest of the world. therefore, the "cross-region matchmaking: off" you have in options... has no purpose. If the game had 3 regions: europe, america, asia. it would be mostly alright. But our problem is, an asian player is looking for game with asian players, and gets connected to european group. Everybody are stressed and dissapointed, because the asian player has everybody else moving on place waiting for him to kill them, and the european players can scratch their brains out trying to figure out how to counter someone who is teleporting over the map. You would like to know, why didnt they come up with proper matchmaking design then ? the answer is very, very complex......... :
The game was released too early.
end of story.