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Dark Souls is the only series that could somehow make online worse after each passing game
Dark Souls has basic co op and a backstab dominant pvp scene, Dark Souls 2 has that same co op but is renowned for it’s pvp and Dark Souls 3 is kind of like a mid ground between the other two I guess. So I wouldn’t really agree with you here.
Wow, i love this game i want to buy it now but I CANT! im on xbox 360 but its is on xbox 1 i just love the game of its gameplay on youtube and the PvP
IS anybody rotting in dark souls 3?
I hope you rot! :D
why do act like a homeless person i am not rotting?
I am rotting please help, i cant i cant, i had enough with these enemies eilite hollow knight, lothric broughr outrider kngiht, the nameless king, Yworm the giant, ceaseless charged lothirc knight boss and THE DUMB ABYSS WATCHERS!!!! I HATE THEM. THEY LIKE " OOHH LOOK AT THAT WEAKLING LETS KILL HIM, WE WATCH THE ABYSS!
thats awesome you're rotting!
It's good that you are rotting as HELL!
im sorry buts its dead as*hole


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No it isn't! I recently made a discovery about Butcher Knife and its WA Sharpen: it scales with max HP! I edited these two pages go check it out!
oh hey metalcroustibat, this wiki is dead yes. but i dont care about that
what i care is signing in, when i sign in, the wiki says that my account is inactive. and yes indeed, this wiki is DEAD
Yes it is not dead! metalcroustbat!
but i dont have ds3 game so
Wiki not dead!
Only casuls who can't beat Iudex Gundyr and Asylum Demon think, this wiki is dead
Don't know why y'all would say the wiki's dead. If it's a joke or a dedicated humor then I think I at the very least would make sense out of it
i can beat ludex gundr, asylum demon, and the last giant
and i got DARK SOULS 3 The Fire Fades Edition i bought it!!!!
LOL, all they have to do is level up health to Hard Cap. I'm too used to playing Naked Toons with No Health Already.
I hate this game and also yes
G O O D I S L I K E M Y C O O M M M E E E E E E E E E E E E E E N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR
S A Y B A D S T U F F T O MY C O M M M E E E E E E E E N T!!!!!!!!
Bad stuff
yeah but im sorry i thought this game is bad no i bought and..... it is very good i like it. and i did not mean say bad stuff to my comment i meant Say BAD THINGS ABOUT THIS COMMENT
Dark Souls 3:
47% Ds1 References
47% Bloodborne References
2% Ds2 References
4% Originality
Swap the last two and it’ll be accurate, DS3 has the least originality. The games strengths come entirely from it’s refinement.



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Originality died in the developement for whatever reason. Watch early footage and it is a complete other game. Where we ram our coiled sword into dead people to create our bonfire or smash aborted baby fetus into a bloody pulp while the "tree pope" was the final boss. It's still amazing though they created a "normal" Souls game out of what survived the original concept. With 60fps and the best gameplay in Fromsofts history.
Dark Souls either needs to be console exclusive or Fromsoft needs to develop a capable anticheat
...I'm out here with hacks on my ps4. Hacks will always be a part of any game, it takes somebody skilled enough to mod the game's files and then share the modded files. It would take constant action to take down hacks or them to keep updating the anti-cheat. There's little to nothing that can be done in the long run to prevent hacking.
At least hacking on console platforms is far less common and damaging than on PC. People are literally getting there entire save files reset and softbanned on PC. When that starts happening on consoles then we can talk.
People are so frickin lame in this game. I just wanna meme around and have some fun, but no. Everyone person you encounter is a Lapp-wearing-glitching-Gundyr-swappin-xbow-turtle'n-FaPin-R1-spammin-streamer-worshipin-bowgunnin-ganking-coward-resummonin-parry-spammin-crit-fisher-passive-little-shitter
The meta is a sweaty cringe fest
Get owned casul
Black+ white=?? > stone+stone=??
Hint: It is a armor in dark souls got it?