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I can't warp to the Painted world or the Depths.
You have to light bonfires in both locations before you can warp
warp on these hands
You had to have rested at it
I cant warp to Ash Lake. After I lit and left. I cant warp back there.....



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Lighting the bonfire by the Everlasting Dragon helps, since that's the one you warp to. And by helps, I mean it's required.
Only the one at the end of Ash Lake, in front of the Dragon
Aren't you required to rest before you could use it as a warp point?
this **** is probably what makes dark souls harder than the sequel
It's not difficult, it's tedious
It makes it more interesting to have to fight your way back if you go somewhere. Part of what makes blighttown feel so dangerous is the fact that you can't just warp out.
I agree this makes the game more difficult and atmospheric. That feeling of being trapped down in blighttown or the tomb of giants for the first time before you can warp is priceless. You can feel the weight of the isolation and peril surrounding you from all sides.
The biggest challenge in DS1 is the tedium.
Had a character that wasn’t all too strong get trapped at Vamos’s Bonfire. Kept getting my *** handed to me by those wheel skeletons.. :(
Imagine riding a high horse, calling DS1 tedious because you're bad, then continuing to play the game anyways, then coming to a fansite full of people who love the game just to post grouchy quibbles. Now THAT is what I call tedious
Forgetting the Catacombs bonfire
Remastered additional bonfire: Catacombs (Blacksmith Vamos)
No lost izalith warp? Well the new again, there is the short cut



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do you loose the ability to warp once you place the vessel? seems counter intuitive to give it to you just to take it away again.
No, you can still warp...
i think my game is bugged
it only lets me warp to 5 certin areas and i know i can warp to like a few more that i have lit
Important note: warping to a bonfire does not count as resting at that bonfire.
Why did someone disliked this note
The 3 dislikes are from people who read this too late
Where's the one in Crystal Cave? I beat the boss there and I did light the bonfire there but it doesn't appear as warpable bonfire.


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That should be the bonfire. You can't warp to a bonfire you are currently resting at. Go to a different bonfire and you should see it near the bottom of the list labeled as "Crystal Cave."
That’s cause you are in it! Try warping