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Why does the PvP have to so freaking addictive??? It's absolute garbage and I know it every time I play it, yet I just can't stop. Help!



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Actually tho, twinks, ganks, and murky scythes all over the world, and yet I still play
You're wasting your life.
Is co-op possible between xbox one and xbox series x?
Ok, just managed to connect, so it is possible :))
PVP wouldn't be that bad if you didn't always invade / undead arena people who are on the other side of the world from you and it just is a lag fest. add more regions to matchmaking not just japan and the rest of the world
I swear the day Dark Souls will have decent PvP will be the day I die
You are immortal harry..
I think this game was desined for pve, online isnt that fun.
Online was really only an afterthought when From designed the first game. And instead of expanding or improving on it in future titles, they just simply left it the way it was.

(Between you and me, I personally think its actually gotten worse lol)
someone cant enjoy jolly cooperation or isnt gud enough for pvp
It's alright in DS1, good in DS2, non-existent in BB and the worst in DS3.
Calling phantom has not worked for me lately, only after a long wait (about 30 minutes) did I see the callsign of a friend, we both use the same password I'm NG ++ and he's NG +, that shouldn't matter to the password or ?
Can it be that the servers have a certain priority e.g. more for invasions or something?
Would be really grateful if someone has experience.
Today I spent another 2 hours waiting for a sign to appear.
We never put it at the same time, that doesn't work, I know
Don't know what to do anymore
Why do you guys always complain about PvP? It's been hot garbage since day 1 and Fromsoft is never going to try to make it bearable. We've all known this and believe me, it's never going to change. So lets just all deal with it and make the best of it
I dare anyone to give a reason of Dark Souls online being the slightest bit decent
No one? Yeah. That's what I thought
I'm guessing that English is not your first language. It is hard to answer a comment that barely make sense. Are you broadly saying "I dare anyone to try to defend the online aspects of Dark Souls" or is it more like "Dark Souls' netcode has always been garbage and you cannot change my mind even if you try!"?
Anon 17 jun - he isn't asking for an atomic equation, dumbass. You know what we re talking about here: fromsoft's incompetence at balancing.
He didn't mention balancing. He didn't mention stability, or netcode... or anything! All I am asking for is clarity. I can't defend (or not defend) a topic if the topic is unclear.
Allow me to answer: they had an interesting, although unbalanced, concept of pvp in demon's souls. They had 4 more games to refine and master their domain in pvp aspects. Guess wich game got it just right, despite it's issues? Dark souls 2.

Conclusion: fromsoft is capable of developing good pvp, but miyazaki is uselesd in that regard. Don't get your hopes up in elden ring for that.
17 Jun: It wasn't hard to read you're just slow
Sadly, this would be the only aspect in elden ring that i wouldn't be hyped about.