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Ironic. The staff of starter is actually the better one than most.
well the knight starts with the longsword and thats the best straight sword in the game
Longsword the best ss? what are you saying bro
He's kinda true. Many would say the lothric knight sword is better, but the straight sword has more damage and consumes less stamina (I believe). Except if you're going for a chaos/dark build or you're a parry master, the longsword is to take into consideration
Longsword does not do higher damage when they are both optimized, 60 sharp on lks is~450 which is the biggest ive seen on a straight sword, longsword definitely is up there tho just cuz it's well rounded



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It's a little messy, but it gives the info clearly i think.
Since I don't have enough INT to use this I just whack people with this
It's quite common for invaders to lack intelligence.
this reply made my day hahahahaha
Using the staff to wack people with it? You appear to have the intelligence to figure out how to use it!
"The Heretic's Staff is superior between 33-44 Intelligence." Then on the Heretic's Staff page "Above 30 the Sorcerer's Staff becomes better." The scaling, damage values, item descriptions suck on this wiki
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I hate it when boring starting equipment is one of the strongest.
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This is the staff equivalent of the Longsword. Yeah, there's better options that outclass it, but it's simple, reliable and available from the start (at least for sorcerers).
And assassins