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ds1 magic was op ds3 magic meh
Why do you think so? Because everything in DS1 is clunky and slow?
DS3 has way faster spells and you can mix and combo them. If a melee doesn't respect your personal space, cast HSM or use Farron Flashsword.
"Faster" doesn't mean "better".
sounds more like someone is just not happy that dark bead didn't make it into ds3 to shotgun nuke people in pvp.
I like how its never mentioned that sorceries was at its peak in ds2, due to amazing rings, armors and overall highest amount of attunement slots, which in combination with farmable soul spears and css was far better than ds1 sorceries. Oh and you could magic buff your magic infused rapier for extra 35% dmg with that sweet 140% counter dmg. So you even had the most overpowered melee damage with 0 investments in dex/str.
depends if you mean just sorcery by magic, if you count pyromancies then pyromancies are very strong in ds3 cause nearly everything in the first half is weak to fire and then it stops mattering once you get GCFO or CBV
>strengthens sorcery
>highest requirement is faith

thank you fromsoftware
Does the sorcery buff stack with another candelstick?
If you have another candlestick with what would you cast ya idiot
May 29th Anon is a *, The damage from Affinity and Homing Soulmass are calculated AFTER the souls fire, not when they are cast, that means you might be able to switch to another scholars candlestick.
Damn troll company. Faith requirement but boost sorcery
Yep, but the buff is aplied even if you don´t have enough Faith. Only need to equip it in the other hand.
Man how I wish the buff was only available if you met the required stats. At the moment any and all (non fashion based) sorcerers wield it, it's just that good.