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The White church hat has more Arcane Def than the Blindfold Cap
Since when is 60 > 70?
Good set
Do Eileen's quest and buy it.

Oh and git gud.
***** head
I did a test apparently the shirts ribbon causes them to say it. Because i wore Gascoigne shirt with gold ardor and bone ash gauntlets and leggings. Did the same with the choir, white and black church set as well. Got the same result...its the ribbon
Helm is where? It's not with other 3 pieces.
It's probably just religious clothes that trigger the quote.
Need crow feather set
same thing no helm
The helmet is in upper cathedral ward search around that area it's by brain suckers
i was wearing the madman set and the yharnamites still shouted "death to the minister!" i wasnt even wearing a single piece of choir equipment
same thing no helm
Yh and me
favorite armor on female characters
I'm pretty sure this was what Laurence wore when he was still human.
There's a statue that depicts Laurence on the elevator to the Research Hall. It wears a version of the Blindfold Cap, but his hat was taller and looked even more like Willem's hat. The garb he wore was apparently more like the White Church set, but maybe he only wore it during experiments. Otherwise, I think you're probably right.
Anyone notice how all the church attires have high bolt defense? Well there is a reason for that:
Ain't nobody got time for that
this 10000%
Just wondering if the Choir guys can actually see things with their caps on........
Yep. Having things over your eyes is a trend in Soulsbourne games. Gwyndolin in DS1, Lorian in DS3, the Ringed Knights etc.
Seeing how it's called the Blindfold Cap, I'm gonna go with no
You would think that the Chior’s Blindfold hat would have the highest frenzy resistance for madness in Lovecraftian lore starts with what you see with your eyes and then your mind is awakened to the truth. Sadly the human mind is too young and fragile to comprehend the unseen world.
I really want to like this set, but I can't get over how puffy the bottom part looks. It's like your character is wearing a crinoline.
where the hell is the hat
Upper Cathedral Ward. You need to unlock the shortcuts. It is by the shortcut on the left



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Just a word of advice, this set looks amazing with the Kin transformation!
4 playthroughs, never found this. So...thanks wiki...for nothing. And hello youtube my old friend...
description is *** indeed.
You need to find a key, which is in Yahar’gul, which can only be accessed after Rom, which will open the locked door past where you find the Radiant Sword Badge in the Healing Church building and you’ll find the set along the given path.