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Pestilient Mist works like a charm on this ****er
Wow! Thank you iris crow you are the best damage dealer in the whole ringed city!
Defeating Midir becomes an artform by the time you're done. He was a piece of cake in my 2nd playthrough
i know right, he becomes a rather easy boss once you figure out the moveset
Really? I've beat him quite a few times, but he's one of the few bosses in this game that still give me quite a bit of trouble.
It is rare that I beat him on my 1st attempt on a new character, but I can usually get him within 5, and 10 tops. On my latest character, I managed to take him down in one attempt.
Midirs chad younger brother is going to be in Elden Ring throwing lighting bolts at us.
Hands down he is the coolest looking dragon in DS series.
hands down the dragon transformation of DS3 IS the b e s t looking dragon
People say not to summon the npc, but my experience is just the opposite. I died like 30 times (most of any boss in any souls game) trying to solo it, and beat it the first time I summoned her. Reason is for the last 10 tries I was using pestilent mist (and offhanding a crossbow). The boss's hp went up, but so did the damage of pestilent mist. And with the npc distracting the boss, I was able to get the pestilent mist well placed without getting hit more often. As a pyromancer with 35 faith, 32 int, I tried the lightning bow spell, but heavy bolts on a +9 heavy crossbow still outdamaged it so, it was pointless.
I had a similar experience with the Twin Princes boss fight. Wiki said it was better to solo them, but in my opinion it was waaaaaaaay easier with NPCs, because they distracted Lorian from me and I had a lot more time to waste him. Of course, you should also try to keep your allies alive, or the situation will turn for the worse. And of course, playing with the help of other players it's usually even better, because usually people play better than NPCs.
I'm sorry man but I gave you a dislike because if you are using mist like myself you should be able to beat him. I beat him solo via mist stay in front of his head dodge and mist.
I beat him thanks to good RNG on my 247th try.
Ok now I love the souls games and nearly all the bosses are enjoyable for me even the bed of chaos. So why is it sooooo many people complain and say a boss is garbage when it's hard but seem a boss fair and balanced when easy??? Seriously if you just watch the attacks it's not rocket science to find the openings. Even bosses like nameless king and fume knight from DS2 are pretty simple. The only boss anyone can get away with saying is unfair us the bed of chaos literally cause of poor arena design coupled with giant boss swings.
You have the wisdom of like a 2000 year old man. Thanks.
I looked at this went in with the positive mindset beat him 5th try, absolutely love this game and boss one of my most memorable moments
the only dragon i tip my estus glass to