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The argument about frampt and kaathe will go on as long as people play the game, but we have to admit that siding with a guy who gives you a tool to steal humanity and calls you the Dark Lord is cooler than a guy who eats all your stuff for piddly amounts of souls.
yeah but frampt is derpy and cool and he doesnt give you something so evil as the DARK HAND which STEALS humanity, something HE created. are you NOT getting evil vibes yet?
I accidentally pressed cancel when talking to the serpent in the abyss how do I get him back
You can't. Sorry.
Stop spamming buttons mindlessly.
I get a massive sense of this guy is plotting something and I don’t like what that is vibe from him
Are you talking to kill him but to run away you can't be the dark lord when you walk out the path after beating the final boss we waited the dark lord our Lord's I like shooting they had a fight and seeing if you attack them beforehand a final hidden boss that they did not
This comment gave me a stroke
I thought I was dyslexic
At least Kaathe doesn’t live in fear. He mentions Frampt without hesitation while Frampt doesn’t mention Kaathe and even lies when he tells us there’s “no reason for pause at this point” when you’re at the altar and haven’t placed the lordvessel yet. Combine this with the fact that Kaathe is hidden and the destruction of Oolacile was the result of Manus and the abyss going wild rather than being controlled and you have yourself a pretty clear picture of which serpent is telling you a more truthful story than the other, at least as truthful as Dark Souls can be of course.
people i have a theory for you. Kaathe is the one who awoke Manus and helped to spread the abyss. in oolacile Gough says to you that "seduced by a dark serpent or no they awoke that thing themselves and drove it mad." i think that Kaathe awoke Manus by tricking the four kings into it!
Kaathe is very much linked to the awakening of Manus, but the Four Kings were from New Londo, not Oolacile. Kaathe encouraged the humans there to continue their Dark sorceries and ****, which spiralled into their humanity getting out of control. That's why you see guys like the Chained Prisoner all mutated to ****, and it's what leads to the Abyss.

As far as I personally know, Manus isn't THE pygmy, but he's A pygmy. Think the crawling dude in Gael's arena in DS3. Now I'm not sure if he got his horns from Oolacile's ****in around, or if he was in the Abyss because he already had gone out of control, but he uses the same kinds of sorceries they do, and Kaathe was most likely a driving factor in Oolacile's transition from studying cool utility sorceries like Cast Light and Repair to figuring out Dark Bead.
Havent encountered him in my first playthrough ( blind playthrough so only now in ng+ when i looked up some stuff i found out that he exists )... isnt he the guy who screwed over Oolacile into summoning the Abyss thingie via primordial man they seeked ?
( somebody said that it was a "toothless serpent" i always thought that was Frampt, so i generally didnt trusted them... i fully prepared myself for a boss fight with Frampt after Gwyn, didnt realized that that was the end of the game )
...and he tricked the four kings as well.. so it would be his character to do that...
He said that the four kings failed him, that they were "strong, but saw not the truth." I think he didn't realize that Manus and the four kings would go insane.
i love killing four kings before placing with frampt just to whack this shady fool with my Zwei a couple times, hes sleazy and is DEFINITELY hiding something so i always choose frampt
frampt is a coward and has even more ulterior motives than kaathe; fits you well.
Fascinating how a bunch of youtubers led people to believe that rapists like Manus, people with a backstabbing fetish like 4Kings and Darkwraiths, and cowards scared to die but that have no problem killing others for the greater “good” like Aldia and Yuria lead to the good ending.
lol did you agree to your own comment?
Frampt storms off if he discovers you've been hanging out with Kaathe behind his back, yet still bows down to you in the Dark Lord ending. This seems to imply that he's not genuinely at odds with Kaathe nor the coming of the Age of Dark, he's just pissed he didn't have a chance to manipulate you. His only interest in continuing the age of fire is so he can continue to scam suckers into feeding him valuable goods in exchange for an atrociously meager payout.
Frampt fans will happily let a fraudster charlatan trick them into lighting themselves on fire, whereas Kaathe enjoyers get to reign supreme as the Dark Lord over the Age of Dark with their cool toothy snake buddy to grab them beers from the fridge while they lounge on the couch and revel in their uncontested dominance over the world, ignoring Frampt who occasionally pops in to request you front him some cash for lunch.
I always thought it was because the primordial serpents are obliged to serve whoever the current Lord is, regardless of their personal feelings. In the age of fire it was Gwyn, and in the Dark Lord ending it's you.