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IMHO use this thing with raw for that big bump in physical damage and use a fire or dark resin to gain a 3rd element damage and bam now you got a hard hitting greatsword that deals good physical damage and not 1 not 2 but 3 different elemental damages.
this is a very bad idea. the more you split your damage the less overall you wind up doing, enemy defenses calculate vs each unique damage type used against them.
Ok I’m new to the game and series can someone explain like I’m 5 how the split damage works? Apparently this sword is bad despite doing 2 elemental damage types? Like, what if you’re fighting something weak to both magic and lightning? Does is still not fully apply both damage types? Why doesn’t it just add both damage types to every hit? Guess I’m just used the MHW where it did that
Split damage is usually bad cuz the weapon with said split damage has to go through more defenses to get damage in. For example, if a weapon is fully physical, then it only has to be filtered by the physical absorption, and if you have a weapon with a split between physical and magic damage, then it has to be filtered by both physical and magic absorptions to get damage in. Hope this helps
Thanks, that does help a bit. By why would the total damage be filtered through instead of each type being calculated separately? Why is tje damage “spli”? Is it just because the physical damage is low?
If the game had a weapon with just as much physical AR as a normal weapon, *plus* a bunch of magic AR, then it would definitely be stronger than the normal weapon.

But the thing with split damage weapons is that they're balanced so that each damage type has lower AR than a weapon with just a single damage type. So even though the total AR may be high, the relatively low AR of each damage type means the total damage in the end usually isn't fantastic.
I'm not sure if I'm providing a good answer, but it's because there are different types of defenses. Split damage weapons need to be balanced so that they're no overwhelmingly powerful, so when a weapon has split damage, each damage type is around 65% of what a normal non-split damage weapon would be. Say a longsword does 120 damage - a lightning longsword would do something around 78 physical and 78 lightning damage. If you add the total of that, it technically does 156 damage, compared to 120 - however, that 78 physical damage is lowered by the enemy's physical defense, and that 78 lightning damage is lowered by the enemy's lightning damage, so the actual result might be dealing around 100 damage per hit. The normal longsword still has to get through some physical defense, so it would probably be around 100 damage as well.

The advantage comes when an enemy is weak to lightning, so that lightning longsword would probably get the full lightning damage, or really close to it. The drakeblood greatsword applies here; if an enemy is weak to lightning and magic, like say a Black Knight, then it would probably do really darn good damage. Of course, if one is really high level and infuses the weapon with chaos or dark, then it can be extremely powerful, as the combined scaling from strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith would be pretty darn good.
Why does this weapon give me dummy high crit damage compared to other greatswords? I have this dark infused at 30/30 int faith, I also have a dark bastard sword +9 and does more damage but less crit damage than the dark drakeblood greatsword +10, and the weapons both have 100 on the crit. Help.
Crits multiply each damage of the weapon by 3x.

Damage vs. Absorption follows an S curve; so split damage falls on the bad side of that curve for normal attacks.

However, split damage getting multiplied by 3 puts each damage type on the good side of that S curve; meaning that rather than a .4 or so multiplier on each damage type, it's close to the maximum (a .9.)

Since this weapon has 4 damage types at that point; you're often performing poorly against damage absorption because each damage is low compared to the defenders armor; but the Crit raises each damage to a sufficient level to perform well; so that the total damage gets a chance to shine.
that was a oool explanation
Get darkmoon blade or lightning blade on this weapon and the damage will skyrocket.
Compared to other greatswords
infusing with lightning isnt all too bad
you could try blessed. might result in similar or better damage on this weapon plus the passive regen
This weapon confuses me...
"If infused with Dark or Chaos, both Magic and Lightning damage will scale with Intelligence and Faith, respectively." Can you go full pyro with 40 int & faith?
I don't see why not? Your question is confounding.
Since this is the lightest greatsword, do you guys think this could work with flynns ring?
yes it will but not so much
flinns ring only increases physikal damage and has no effect on elemental damage.