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used it in pvp sucks balls
You suck balls
Someone sucks at PVP


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Hmm yes, a rapier with S scaling on dex and good riposte damage sucks at pvp, seems legit
an absolute beast on elemental infusions
When you apply buffs, the claws do not receive the effect, only the rapier.
Just FYI.
Dear scrubs, stop trying to poke pro with this harmless stick, you're just not hitting anyone cuz this sword's moveset sucks asssszz. Damnn, I really don't have to tell you the horrible result of bringing this **** up against a pro pkcs player...It would be a stream of shhit coming at you.
Its funny you say that since the pkcs does a lot less damage than this does, especially since this has actually good scaling
The same can be said about lots of weapons, but that doesn't make them bad. Someone could kill you with a broken straight sword if they were patient and decent at the game. Also whether the move set is good or not is up to the person using it, not you.
I'm amazed that you're nearly every weapon post and people STILL don't realize its a joke.
A dead joke, to be exact
When using this weapon buffed or infused with elemental damage, does the “throwing quill” weapon art also deal elemental damage to enemies?
Infusions yes, don't know about buffs.
Infusions affect the quills, buffs don't
idk if this applies but when I fought a pus of man monster, I buffed with charcoal pine bundle and used WA(quills) it didnt stagger the monster but with a regular light attack it did.
I've never seen anyone use the L1 for this wtf
genuinely love this weapon. I'd been getting through the game mostly with the astora great sword, which is a great weapon, but I tried this one out on a whim after I found it and it's just so much more fun imo. I love the moveset, catching people in the r1 l1 combo is so satisfying. been doing a lot of invasions with it too, and they're more challenging for sure, but also very fun and super satisfying to get the win. learning it has been a blast, fully in love, highly recommend.
I dont now why but i want this in Bloodborne
I'm awful at PvP so I generally avoided it until I found the Crow Quills. I'm still awful but this weapon is so much fun to use. It's rare for me but actually landing a Backstep L1-R1-L1 is satisfying as heck