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A warrior of the sun will not just sit and take it!
Unless it's some sunny D
Holy **** the Sunny D comment is the most underrated **** ever
I FEEL like drop-rates are better with this covenant badge equipped. I've always farmed with it accordingly. Ofc, I'm probably wrong, and it's just placebo, but... I've also always had easier farming experiences compared to what I hear about from other players.
are you playing as a cleric? because surprisingly, they have one less luck than the thief
Farming for these medals is down right bull crap I farmed for 3 days with the works (crystal rapier, gold serpent +3, ECT.) Even went to Rosaria and maxed out my luck and after THREE DAYS NOT ONE DROPPED!
If youre not a complete idiot you can always get summoned for bosses and get those medals quickly and easy without the boring grind. If
I’ve never gotten them from farming, I’ve only ever gotten them for beating bosses and helping others beat bosses, you get one every single time
Oh god! Regardless the fact that it is very stupid trying to farm them, u can easily drop them from lothric knights from the first bonfire of the castle ! Before dlc came out I used to farm titanite chunks there and they dropped better medals, only with the gold serpent ring and rusted coin without wasting any point in luck that almost doesn't effect the drop rate!
Or...... you could partner with a buddy, you wear the sunbro covenant, put a red sign down, have your buddy kill themselves and you get the reward. Rinse and repeat.
*laughes in DS1 dragon scales*
If I start a new game, the level of the covenant gets reset?
new games doesn't reset any covenant level i think? in the way of the blue i seen people with extremely high levels, so i am pretty sure they started a new game+ on the way to those high numbers.


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If you mean starting the new journey with the same file then no.
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what are the effects on solo play?
Covenants don't have any effects outside of online multiplayer.
You can still turn in sunlight medals for items, you just have to farm them instead of using the much easier online play
"Much easier online play" this game's dead, I didn't get summoned until SL 91
Not really dead, to this day I'm still creating new characters and get summoned everywhere.. especially for some boss fights like the pus tree, friede or midir.. or just invade and enjoy the gank fest
Hashtag Elden Ring? \[T]/
How dare the person in the sunlight altar not be dressed in full Solaire armor.
How dare you suck so much*****you dirty *****


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when you see someone not wearing solaires armor in the altar: Jolly transformation!