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is this item duplicable??? ive been trying with everything and i only find the infinite humanity but i want the 99 firekeeper souls
It’s not possible by any known glitch right now to dupe the fire keepers soul
Ate one of these since I am used to the freaking Boneshards from Dark Souls 3.
Firelink Shrine Keeper is behind a cage. Say you wanted to kill her and you already revived her after Lautrec. How would you if her cage protects her? Or is it really as simply as poking through?
Can't be done. To use her soul, you have to invade Lautrec and then not revive her.
Lautrec's sword goes around shields... i see what From Soft did there...
I appreciate that after all these years, this is still "the **** wiki"
Am I the only one who didn't kill the fair lady and revived the ash maiden even if this meant not having the maxed estus flask, just because they are two of the nicest DS characters ? I mean, a poor little girl cursed for a bad decision from her mother (also, you killed her sister, who just protected her), and a jailed woman whose tongue was cut and who thinks she is unworthy...
no, I don't judge the ones who killed them
not at all
*loads the shotgun*
so you can only get your estus flask to +6 in ng? I mean you need a firekeeper to upgrade the flask and if you get the last one you don't have a firekeeper anymore, right?