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i talked to him, got the birch, but i forgot to talk to Siegward and kill the demon with him, and so i went to farron keep, but he wasn't shooting the great crab, so i had to kill it myself, but when i went back to the tower, HE WAS DEAD, like, not his ring on the floor, HIS CORPSE WAS THERE AND EVERYTHING, i tried looking this up online youtube google and here but there dosen't seem to be anything on that,
Yes that’s what happens when you complete his questline.
Poor Gough, missing his friend Dust.
What causes him to die by himself?
no shiny shiny
I think it's something to do with collecting all the items by the few white trees you find in the game, but i also saw someone say you need the white hair talisman, which would seem to be true because i only accidentally got that ending on my pyromancer playthrough when i got that. In short just find the three trees and the items listed in the article, along with the white hair talisman
I have never been able to complete his quest line and let him die peacefully. I should have all of his items as I found the trees in Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, and Farron Swamp as well as the other three items described. Am I missing something?
You need the White Hair Talisman as well. It is in one of the lava pits close to the Old Demon King.
what is this guys actual name?
Giant Slave # 1
El Francisco de Alabaster III
i think its gough
Why dislike about something kept vague on purpose
This game
The saddest death in DS3 by my opinion


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just don't collect the items
Nighty night...
Onion Bro Siggy was sadder in my opinion. I love the fat bastard.
When he said, “I help anytime.”

I felt that
I saw him in the distance and thought "Yeah I want to go talk to that guy" then proceeded to go over there. Cheesed the Demon with Siegward afterwards pretty rad giant.
i was like making a peace offer with him and then i went near a white branch tree and then he just shot me for no reason.

peace was never an option.
He thought you were hollow target though :(
he's just trying his best