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Casul starter pack
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STR/VGR is casul starter pack, casul. Chad INT Glass Cannon is for the true hardcore players.
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Int dey luck build also use this, they're done earlier than thief start6ers
Still the most prominent "Carry" role. (sucks early, obliterates late)
For optimization purposes, the sorcerer class is the way to go for pure INT builds and DEX/INT builds. For a STR/INT build, prefer the warrior, and for a quality/INT build, prefer the knight. You can use the high luck for some original DEX/INT/LCK builds, or other elemental DEX/LCK builds.
Chad INT Glass Cannon build vs. Virgin STR/VGR "I am afraid to die" build. Bonus points if you played Glass Cannon as your first playthrough of the DSIII.
*one shots the one shot build*
Strength chads keep winning
Jan anon that's literally what a glass cannon is, your comment is redundant
this build has received more kicks to the balls in this game than a male B.D.S.M pronstar
The arc of Sorcerer going from easy mode in DS1 to mostly balanced in 2 to hard mode in 3 is something that has flown over most people's heads in this comment section...
If you think sorcery is hard mode you simply haven't used it. Even limiting yourself yo using only sorcery and no weapons makes the game easier
It's ok really, most of the nerfs were deserved, dsII magic was still cheap except on DLC areas.
Now I think it's on pair with melee builds, you have broken range but you can make so few mistakes that it kinda ends up being the same thing.
Not gonna lie though, they making melee easier in this game with most enemies being stunlocked to death by r1 spam and the 5 that can't are easy to backstab might also be a reason.