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With this armour set and swinging an ultra greatsword, only 3 things in the game are capable of breaking your poise... Dogs, rats, and hollows with torches... Yet you can poise through a building sized hydra slamming its head down on you
You can still wear this set without fat-rolling if you equip Havel's Ring and have a reasonable amount of Endurance.
Havel's ring+Ring of favor and protection+30 endurance points
I don’t know what your talking about, I’ve got 60 endurance with that on and I still fat roll
I just put on Havel's ring, and the ring of favor and protection and i'm not that slow, but my endurance is about 40.
I used amor and leggins with havel's ring and edurance of 30. That was the only thing That allow me to defeat the amor londo's Duo
I just beat ornstein and smough with a SL6 sorcerer.. what up
My mom wears this set.
I’m so sorry...
I don't get it. Are you saying your mom is an extremely heavy person, but carries a giant friggen club?
They're saying they have a Havel Mom.
Why would you even wear this? It weighs more than and had less defense in almost every stat than a fully upgraded set of black iron. It had a bit better poise, but not needing to dedicate both ring slots to not fat rolling means you can use the wolf ring for more poise anyway. God this armor is not worth it. Tarkus for life
If you use this armor, tower shield and club, you're a walking tank, theres nothing that can really hurt you at that point and you cant be staggered ever, you can take an extreme beating and not feel it
I see, not a man of culture... Disappointing
It's about sending a *****ING message
Because it looks cool
Big poise for big bois.
Why not just use havels ring as well, and then you can run around easily?
It's good if you only want to wear heavy armor for certain boss fights, like the stray daemon, but prefer light armor normally. This armor is easy to get and you don't need to spend all your twinkling titanite on it.

3-Bro, havel´s set with a demon greataxe or great club is ****ing good and badass
just wear this set with a giant weapon, Sword, Hammer or axe + Havel's ring and blue tearstone and your basically immortal also, POISE BOIS FOR LIFE
one of life's simple joys is tanking hits with the poise


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My armor!
Havel's armour + Black Knight Greataxe +5 = Artorias dead in 30 seconds. It felt soo goood
Also, the full set was Havel' set, FAP ring, havel's ring, BKGA+5, black iron great shield & a parrying dagger. You need 40 endurance at least for mid-rolls
just wear giants set. It's has less poise but it's still such a high amount that you can poise through nearly every attack in the game.It also weighs far less and has the highest defense in the game when fully upgraded. still a good set for poising certain bosses like Four Kings and Artorias but wouldn't recommend for fighting most enemies and bosses.
tbf, it does require 40 crystal titanite to upgrade fully, so havel's set is a great alternative until then

plus, havel's set is just sexy
Poise Bois Poise Bois Poise Bois