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I prepared my strength build to use this weapon but I finally got it and started using it I found it very underwhelming damage wise. If your looking for a hammer just use the Thespian Mace which has much higher damage. I hope they make these boss weapons powerful in the future and not as weak as they are now.
Agreed, and can confirm this weapon is underwhelming. The numbers barely make it better than the linked espadon.



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Maybe it's meant for fire-infusing? But for a foresight build to get to 18 STR is quite the investment...
This weapon does well once mastered, just purely for the ability unlocked. It'll do an AoE push and burn on the big tubs, allowing you to get quite a bit of axions. But, it is still underwhelming in power, speed, and overall not suggested outside of farming the big dude near the ruined train.