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More like "metal gear soul-id 5: the phantom range"
scariest***** i've ever seen
What swords would look like a silver and steel sword from witcher 3? I’m doing a geralt cosplay and would like to know, as I’m not a fan of greatswords, and the usual cosplay calls for greatswords (greatsword of judgement, claymore are usually used)
Probably Lothric knight sword (silver) and the basic Longsword (steel)
Drake knight and short sword
What's the best sword to go for in starting a new game? (New)
Long Sword ! You can beat the whole game just with this one...
Lothric Knight Sword. you can farm it in the beggining of the game by killing lothric knights. use sharp stone and put some dex ponts, it will have a lot of damage ;)
broadsword with physicall infusion and buff can wipe outz almost everything
Does anyone know of a straight sword with a wind effect like stormruler with a unique party animation? I just got 1 shot by it
I don’t know if a ss but there is a dagger with a similar weapon art to the storm ruler. It was either that or hacking
Tailbone shortsword
Their is a curved sword with that effect
Storm Curved Sword. It is a boss weapon from Nameless king.
"yeah I'm pretty good" *r1* *r1* *r2*
"yeah i'm pretty good" *faith LKGS with lightning blade* *r2* *roll* r2* *roll*
is it me or the valorheart sometimes block hits when doing the r1 and r2 attacks
It does! If the shield is in front of you while you're in an attack animation, it'll count as you blocking the hit. The stability and absorption is garbage though, so it doesn't help that much.
When two-handing the weapon will automatically block at the beginning of the first R1, The Second R1 and the end of the 3rd R1 as well as, Roll R1, Jump R2, WA R1, and WA R2.
The only reason i would ever touch this class for use in pvp is for a solaire cosplay (then again solaire is so nice, he would never pvp), not becuase it is bad, but becuase it feels so overpowered, im not dissing on it, but i generally dislike using the meta, which at the moment is straight sword and poise monster two handed ultras, that and i dont want to become another r1 spammer
there are many ways of using meta-weapons but not the tactics that made them meta, i like the SS class, because of balance(although i'm a dex main myself), in pvp i used to try combos o chain my attacks without r1 spamming, but to be honest ever since i first played DS2(the one which i began with) i suck in pvp :3
These are just too cheap IMO. Low risk - High reward all over your face in the form of r1-r1-r2 and stupidly easy rollcatches. This just shouldn't be a thing in a game based around challenging the player. ****, you can just r1 spam your way through most pvp encounters in your way, no timing, no skill, nothing. Just passive turtling and r1 spam. Why even bother making different builds when you can just go apeshit with 40/40 and a straight sword.
I want a *** Sword, not a Straight Sword.
Go use those curved swords because oh man they are not straight.
I hate straight swords not because they're bad but because there are such cooler weapons but you decide to use a metal sheet
But this metal sheet is made of ice and i think it looks neat
10/10 would cancer again