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Time to make a Cole MacGrath cosplay.
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Seek Guidence very good for invasion and other builds that you use phantoms.
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Glitch stack sacred oath and sunlight straight sword’s weapon art (oath of sunlight). That’s a period not a question.
Well yeah. A question mark wouldn't make sense in this context.
Where's the miracle build old man?



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Limit breakers please, we waste away without your guidance haha
Miracles sucks ***, shi*. No use whatsoever. Me in Lapp+lkss = NONE STOP OWNAGE
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Honestly I think Miracles in this game are pretty great. From a support perspective at least, I made a holy priest to support my boyfriend through his first ever playthrough of all three games and Dark Souls 3 was one of the smoothest. I think the only downfall of Miracles in DS3 is that you don't really get any good ones until the Catacombs of Carthus, and you ride on Lightning Stake & Great Heal for some time. Though once you get both of the sunlight spells, and stuff like caressing tears & lightning storm, it's fantastic for zoning enemies and keeping any summons you have in the fight.

It's definitely not as high damage as Sorcery, or as staggering as Pyromancies, but considering the poise bonus you get when using Talismans it really can pack a punch and provide some unavoidable damage to people who get too aggressive in fights.
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Old Man continues to keep his miracle build from us. Just like he is with Elden Ring
One of two my guy, one of two
There is a divine tome missing here. It's called "divine tome of lordran" and tells you how much better miracles were in ds1.
lightning arrow is sick tho, projected heal is neat too, and lightning storm can also destroy foes. i wouldnt say they were better by much if even at all. both had pro's and con's
Anon 5 jun - Fun fact: the spells you mentioned belongs or are associated with shira, gwynevere and the nameless king. All of them from the age of gods era, even before lordran was overrun with undeads. What does that tell you?