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Best weapon


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I concur
They really need to nerf it, though.
what's the point of giving you the best weapon at the start of the game? still OP though
Those stats are off by a decimal place
NieR reference? You start with a similar looking pipe in that game too.
As of recent patch (one that added towers of trials) this and hammer of thralldom can bought from Murasame right after her services are available.
I actually found a good use for this. Doing a solo/big weapon run, I start with really low ichor. To increase it I need to backstab a bunch. If I "miss" with my zweihander I often have a dead enemy and no bonus ichor
In comes the pipe, I can miss a lot of backstabs before nailing it without accidentally kiling the target, and the quick dash makes for easy repositioning
I am slowly getting addicted to killing bigger enemies backstab only that way as a sideeffect :)
Broken Straight Sword