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Best curved sword
do you still do the slash cartwheel with the push input in the remake? would be really disappointing if they changed that
Cartwheel was in DS1, DeS had the slice then backstep move
Your statement makes it obvious you didn’t even play the original. You never did the cartwheel in DeS scrub
^well i did play the original but it was many years ago, is it so hard to believe that i misplaced some memories? no need to be such a snob about it
No he was right to correct you. Currently playing the original and it's a slash backstop move, no cartwheels here.
anyone got an idea how to counter kilij players?
>Use Kilij
>Spam R1



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Just did a run with this weapon and it is an absolute beast! Sharp +5 with high dex (and cursed weapon) melts bosses. Higher DPS than DBS. 2HR1 is extremely quick and stun locks. Most OP melee weapon in the game.
Not the most op but still the best option for dex builds in pve. Katanas have such low durability that they should only be used in pvp
why can I not upgrade this with moonlight ores?
I think it has to be upgraded a few times normally before going a different path like crescent mercury or so and so
Kılıç? Did you mean sword? Lol
Before the pkcs there was the kilij