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I simply love this covenant. I do my best to fight honorably, as much as the other player allows. If I get wind that you summoned someone I'm gonna take you out by whatever means necessary before your help arrives and it's two or more against one. If you're AFK then I'm gonna do a courtesy bow, some shield movement and a few circles around you. If you still gone then I'm gonna dark hand and steal humanity but this still allows a fair"ish" fight if you come back. After I've taken all I can and you still gone then it's your own darn fault for being online, human and AFK in an invadable area. Price of stupidity is hollowed at the bonfire when you come back and hope you weren't AFK in the Catacombs in a hot zone you cleared out. Risky business gettin them souls back but maybe you learned a lesson.

Off my rant lol. I really like this covenant all in all. I usually do lvl 60 builds and start with around 30 humanity. I like to think that with each victory I become stronger because humanity boosts your stats all the way to 99. Earning my way there is gratifying. I currently have 4 different builds I use just to hone in proficiency (a mage, pyro tank, melee tank and a faith build). Next build may be a ninja build but I really want to do a Darth Vader cosplay build. Sure for some good laughs. I got a lot of inspiration for my builds from a Youtuber named Crozyn.
"i do my best to fight honorably" and yet you attack opponents who can't defend themselves...
But if a player is AFK, then they deserve to be killed. I don't understand. Just turn it off if you're not going to play.



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Chaotic bad covenant
Dark souls Avaritionism?
The covenant was obviously locked behind sif and the four kings to counter twinking but this also had the side effect of players being naturally OP just to get the red eye orb. Once you obtain it on a low level character you’ll already have a bunch of powerful gear just from the journey so OP twinking just became the norm. The remastered version made this a little less extreme but it’s still pretty dominant. The main benefit of accessing the orb early in DS3 is that you can often be invaded by players with similar early game gear as you and even if the weapon matchmaking wasn’t in that game there would still be a lot of normal non twink invaders which I’d argue makes for some of the most memorable moments in these games.
The problem in ds3 is the abundance of gank squads and invasions prioritizing ganks. Being a twink was mandatory as many early invaders found out.
this is tied with the darkmoon covenant for my favorite.
I'm doing a run where I get every weapon... is there a way for me to get the Darkwraith sword but not anger Frampt?
Frampt doesn’t do that until you place the lordvessel for kaathe. You can join and rank in the darkwraith with no issues just homeward bone out of the firelink altar when kaathe takes you there and he’ll let you join the covenant without forcing you to the altar again
I just dropped 30 humanity on Kaathe, bit by bit but did not receive any darkwraith items (It said I ranked the covenant up too). Any ideas on what I can do to get it working?
Time to sweat!
time to reap the world of its humanity my fellow wraiths in the name of the four kings
You just killed 'em :I
we killed one of them so we are fighting in the name of the three kings
Does leaving the covenant at a high tier reset how much humanity the dark hand steals?
I haven't tested it but since you lose the extra dmg on the Darkmoon blade when you leave the covenant I believe you do lose the ability to steal multiple humanities
is it normal when you put on the wraith armor to get a massive urge to kill and or steal the humanity of every living being


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yes, indulge.