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When playing pvp, use r2 (two handed) you will appear vulnerable for backstab, then SIKE, use the followup R2 move and yeet them out of existence!



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I have been thinking if I should get this ultra greatsword right away
The Chad's choice
sabaku and cydonia one tima says: chad or not chad, OBLUOSVY I CHOOSE THE CAD *****
I have a thought what if this is Natalie's sword that he was either given or taken
This or the strait sword?
Depends on build and if you prefer sword and board or two handed weapons. This os for a strength build which for my part foolishly got the straight sword for my strength build
the straight sword is bad in general, so even if you're not intending to use FUGS any time soon, its worth trading for over the straight sword
God Tier Weapon for all the ultimate Chads.

Bonk into oblivion



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The extreme Dex requirement (plus the mediocre scaling) basically makes this a quality weapon.
Raime is a literal quality build brother
This weapon is not very good for level 150. Too heavy and stat hungry.
It is a Strength, Quality or Hex weapon?
strength, it has a S scaling in strength and a D in dex at 5+
Why you booing him he is right. 30 dex requirement is a little funny
the attacks appear to be 20-30% faster than all other UGS, plus it has the 2H strong attack pancake attack for invaders and players, add the uniqueblock counter attack and then its my favorite UGS ingame