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When I went to fight Logarius I put together a set that had the highest arcane defense while still having decent defense and came up with (fem character) Tomb prospector hood, black church garb, choir trousers, and gascoignes gloves. Turns out that looks cool as hell and I kept it for the entire rest of the game as well as my ng+ for that character
I checked today for the first time ever the sets and weapons, checking if i had them in at least one of my players.
In 1.5k+ hours of playtrough, I never found the Gravekeeper Set, so without looking where it was i searchead it (figured out it was in the Forbidden Woods because it was the only area I always hate exloring) and found it!
So cool remembering all of these sets, and knowing now i have them all! Greetings Hunters
In my first commited playtrough (the first that actually completed Chalices, Optional bosses, DLC and Normal Bosses), in NG+3 I found this set and since then always have used. (great for Skill Builds, also great damage and very good Phys Defense, but lacking arcane defenses, average-high bloodtinge defense):
Old Hunter's Hat
Cainhurst Queen Guard's Armour
Yahargul Hunter's Gloves
Hunter's Trousers (A version)
Truly a remarkable armor combo. I like to wear the Madman hood with Cainhurst armour.
Real niggas use ENLARGED HEAD.
I’ve been selling the armor sets from the Insight font that I didn’t want to use in the current run.
Are those gone forever, or can I unlock them again in the next playthrough?
you can get them back in ng+
You can get them back except for the starting outfit. The foreign set.