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If you give him the dragonspring sake after killing Owl(Not sure if it's Owl at Ashina or Owl at Hirata as I gave him the drinks pretty late game) he'll have one more additional line of dialouge. Right after saying "Your father was a fool too" He says "To the fools!" and toasts in their honor and Sekiro says "Yes.." in a somber tone. Kind of funny to realize that Sekiro toasted in their honor but he killed most of them. Gyuobou, Lady Butterfly & Owl
This sake conversation gave me the feels. The sculptor also says that "It appears you overcome something." after you beat owl #2 in Hirata. The memory of owl #2 and these conversations make owl not seem so bad. Its a much different feeling than the first encounter with him.
If one thing was made clear throughout the game it's that Sekiro respects his opponents
There's an eavesdrop opportunity not presented on this page. Eavesdrop when Emma is in the same room as Isshin, she mentions how she's afraid that the Tengu will make another appearance, and that Genichiro has the other mortal blade. Isshin says he expects no less from his grandson, who is determined to see Ashina survive in any way necessary. Not sure when this opportunity arises. Right before the first owl encounter? Maybe before making the decision to betray Kuro.
Edit: Emma also says she thinks Sekiro can beat him, and Isshin says how Sekiro isn't completely trustworthy with the possibility of him becoming shura/evil.
No mention of the fact that Isshin wielded the black Mortal Blade in the opening? It's hard to spot, but if you look closely, his sword had the exact same floral tsuba (hand guard) and white hilt, and even has the same double-edges and tapering tip.

The only difference is, the blade wasn't blackened then. I wonder what caused that? Isshin states that he "once killed Shura... or something like it," which could explain it, but we don't know much beyond that. He did sever Orangutan's arm to *prevent* him from becoming Shura, but I kind of doubt that's it. And why did he part with it after his coup?
Can someone also add that Isshin's voice actor was also the voice for Evolto from Kamen Rider Build?
The way isshin Ashina rules Japan is also a reference to Shinzo Abe, who also rules Japan.