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Seeing people saying that Warcry heavy attacks on weapons like the Battle Axe, Millwood Battle Axe, and Brigand Axe have hyper-armor, but I can't seem to get it to work. Does it exist, or do I not have enough poise?
It’s probably due to your timing with your attacks, warcry definitely grants better trade potential but poise in DS3 is as useful as rubbish
which axe best for chop wood?
i'd say the millwood, hand axe, and battle axe('s) would be best for wood, your welcome
Brigand axe would be better than the battle axe or Millwood, due to it's wooden handle. Wood absorbs vibrations better then metal. When using an axe with a metal handle for too long your arms will start to hurt.
The hand axe is the only axe that I would recommend. Battle axes are NOT meant for cutting wood. Their blades are too thin, so that they would bend or receive damage when chopping wood. Just because they are axes doesn't mean they work for both wood and flesh. I mean it doesn't really matter in-game, but still.
You can get the deep battle axe from the lothric wall when a monster chest appears when you kill it you get it
That is just a battle axe with a deep gem infusion not a unique axe
Anon 14 of July is right, although it is a good idea to point out this axe as it a good weapon against vordt as he is weak to lightning and dark


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Is the Millwood Battle Axe page broken?
Ive started using a lightning millwood axe in mainhand and the earthseeker in offhand on a 40/40 str fth build. The axe is great for rollspammers and the Greataxe has crazy hyperarmour. That in addition to the Warcraft r2s make it a really fun setup.
Millwood Battle Axe and Winged Knight Twinaxes
are by far the best (for pure str build at least)
Dragon slayer axe is also pretty good
You bad
UNO reverse card.
My favorite thing about axes is how varied the weapon arts are.
I wish the Axes in this game felt as good as the ones in DS2.

Only thing that comes close is the Millwood. Bandit Axe, oh how I miss you.