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Enemy Name is a hard one to fight, I almost lost my EldenBucks trying to get past him to the Not-Bonfire-But-The-Same-Mechanic-Station
Bro i now what you mean. this one attack when they jumb back and then charge at you while screaming is such a bull*****Like you almost can't doge it and it deals like 60% of your helth
Yeah, it reminds me of Enemy Name at Location Name, their patterns are so erratic, and I’m using Thorsten’s Lightning Hammer too, which makes it harder
Wait... you're exatly able to beat Enemy Name? i though it was a boss for which you needed a special item to defeat it or something
pot boy
pot boy
Image if one day Bloodborne Kart finally comes out and pot boy is one of the vechiles. Like you would sit in them and they just gains wheels