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If you are having trouble parrying in this game, its not only timing you also have to be close to your opponent.


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I swish with my right, then clang with my left.......
"To perform a Backstab, your character needs to be behind the target's back"
the pvp would say otherwise lol


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From Critical Strikes requiring a bar to fill up akin to poison to the "Mecha Boar in the Undead Parish" this page is severely outdated going back as far as when Dark Souls 1 was new and theories were the only things present. I will be fixing this page for newer users soon.
Effects such as poison are not critical strikes.
Counter attacks also evoke critical damage. This is the point of the Leo ring. To strengthen the counter attack damage of thrust weapons, i. e. spears. It occurs when an enemy is 'winding up ' to swing, and you hit them before they strike. It's risky and requires fast timing and precision.
Same guy here... Counter attack can also occur when striking an enemy that is 'leaping away'. Most noticeably when fighting the Anor Londo giant guardians.