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A favorite of low level edgelords who got their friend to drop it for them. At least I assume so, because they're baffled by the humble old caestus' perseverance 9/10 times. The salt mail is so tasty.
Why didn't they made every boss weapon like this. Hell even the stance is similar to Friede.
because dark souls 3 was unwanted by fromsoftware
yeah it is badass and just like what sister friede used' similarly to the stance on gael's greatsword. but ofc, they only did it for DLC bosses
This is by far the most annoying weapon to deal with when you don't parry nor have perseverance
p r o t i p: you can interrupt the jump at the beginning of the WA and also in between the WA r1s
Nope. Lies. Can't interrupt. I've tried. Dumbass
One of my favorite go-to weapons in the game. Handles just as nice as it looks. Very good for both PVE and PVP. Easily defeats annoying shield bearing enemies like pontiff and ringed knights. Weapon art is for the most part free allowing you to use it's move set to it's full potential with the added bonus of chaining attacks is virtually guaranteed to proc the frostbite. My only real complaints are the annoying sound it makes and that like all reapers, it's critical damage is lackluster. A truly fitting reward for having survived such a BS boss fight.
dude. sister friede and father ariandel were probably the best boss in the game imo, and while it was tough, it was fare
Blackflame Friede was not exactly fair in my opinion. She's as aggressive as Champion Gundyr if not moreso, with obscenely long hit strings, and barely remains open for long enough to get even one hit in. I was lucky enough to destroy a large portion of her health bar with a lucky, timed barrage of Frayed Blade flurries, but I have little enjoyment in the cluster**** that is dealing with Blackflame Friede right after Phase 1v1 and phase Ornstein & Smough 2.0.
I suppose it is heavily subjective, but I do not find this boss fair. Gael was a much more epic and fair three-phaser that didn't toss blindside phases at you - just one health bar and a fight that evolved as his health dropped.


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l2 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1
And not a single bit of FP gone man I sure love balance.
Imagine Dancer swords were like this holy mother!
**** i love this weapon for high dex builds. i almost never use the WA (i barely even with other weapons) but i love its moveset. somehow it complements my hyper-aggressive playstyle and is a good fill-in for when i decide not to use the corvian scythe
Anybody know if the damage from the ice explosion has any scaling or does it just do a set amount of damage depending on the weapon level?
The small (ice) scythe deals the magic part showcases in the weapons window. That magic scaling has an A factor with intelligence. The big (regular) scythe deals the physical part alone
Why does this weapon seem to be a darkmoon blade magnet? I see so many blades using it
Edge factor?
You know Miyazaki is laughing to this day with that 11 faith requirement.


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One of the most enjoyable weapons ever. It’s good for pve and many bosses. It’s a thoughtful weapon, though. You can spam the weapon art r1 in pve but don’t spam it in pvp. The real expert section on this though is the R2 weapon art. This is great in pvp as it hurts to get caught but you have to be careful. Hit them with the two handed r1, the wa r2, then if it seems advisable whip out the weapon art combo for style when they panic. Or get parried.