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This thing is a beast even in ng++++



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It is a great hammer
Yeah I know??? Haha
Good "Morne-ing", friend! Hahahaha
Guys, guys. It's okay. You totally don't need to meet the 50 STR requirement. Just two hand it and use slightly more stamina than when you two hand it while meeting the STR requirement. Stamina doesn't really matter while using this Greathammer class weapon. While on the subject of stamina, just invest enough to not completely throw your back out. Only swinging two times before being empty is your punishment for using this thing over a straight sword or curved sword. So it's balance. Oh... Uh.... VIT? I just go naked because I'm so good at this game, I never get hit. VIG for the heaping amounts of trading you'll be doing? Um. I don't know, I just used this at low soul levels where my victims go "splat" like a 2016 hypermode DS3 montage video. And when with phantoms to cover my ***, it's so sweet. Smiley Face. Nothing but singing positive good praises for every weapon on here. Good vibes. Good vibes.
lmao PKCS users be like
ganker detected, no respect
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"Being a weapon with some of the highest stat requirements, this is one of the far less viable weapons on a SL 120 character."
Excuse my french but that is bulls hit. Cosplaying Eygon gets tricky on a 120char but just wielding the hammer is not a problem at all.
I think it means that if you’d want to use this weapon (presumably both 1H and 2H) which would heavily sacrifice either Vigor, End or Vit.
If you are ok with fat-rolling, it is even better. Not only you have almost 30 points to level vigor and endurance, it is more like Eygon, who doesn't roll at all.
whats better is that description was almost certainly written by someone who dumps like 60/40 dex/faith for darkmoon blade meta******ry yet somehow a 34/30 str/faith hammer is too scawy to invest in :((((
i dont understand why this weapon is underrated
I wouldn’t call it underrated at all, you never see it because it’s almost impossible to fit it on a META build (120-140) with its behemoth requirements and weight.
Just 2 hand this weapon and it's really easy to fit on a meta build actually.
Man I wanted so bad to buff this with darkmoon blade for my paladin build
You’d have to utilise the bow glitch
Yay, big hammer wielded by a simp knight, can't wait to see if this is gonna happen in Elden Ring


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Eygon is the furthest thing from a simp lmao
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Imo minimal requirements should be 40/20
While it’s not the highest damage greathammer overall it’s got the best WA without a doubt of the greathammer weapons. I use this baby on my ng+6 character and it still holds its own especially against groups of enemies.