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I’m being completely serious when I say the thing that bothers me the most about this area excluding the boss is the sound of running across the lava with the orange charred ring. Rather than have a lingering sound effect like poison it’s just a fire attack sound on repeat because the lava is treated like it’s attacking you each tick of damage rather than draining your hp like poison or toxic. Honestly annoys the **** out of me and it’s a relief every time I reach land.
It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't so awfully loud
Yeah, the volume of it is a big contributor to the annoyance. I really enjoy the sound of the lava when you’re not in it yourself but rather just chilling near it.
You should go out and run across some lava and then come back here and tell us what sound it makes.
There are 29 dragon butts. 29. That’s 29 spots in the lava field where you can enjoy being crushed face first into lava by something that shouldn’t really be alive in the first place. Admittedly, the area is quite chill if you defeat all of them and hang out in the aftermath.
F*ck Lost Izalith
All my homies died in Lost Izalith
In the “bosses” section underneath the “NPC’s” section it lists chaos witch quelaag as the link. She’s the boss of blighttown, not lost izalith
I'm a level 2 Chaos Servant and the shortcut door isn't opening for me.

I've equipped Poison Mist and killed an enemy on the other side of the door and nothing happens. The instructions in the shortcut section are incomplete somehow.
Nothing is supposed to happen. I don't know why the door does not open, i have not tried being a chaos servant. But when you killed that enemy, just go on. Eventually you reach the other side of the door, and solaire will just be sitting there unharmed. The item drop from the bug will just be behind him. Worked for me that way at least.
I don’t mind this area at all but I do feel a bit of sadness when I enter the lava field and think of the entire place in front of me being a giant complex city full of diverging paths and towers because I love the style of architecture for Izalith.
Just happens
Dark Souls Classic

First, I go to the pit and kill almost all chaos eaters (one left and I die)
Second, go to bridge, die several times again and kill titanite demon
Then go bonefire, go kill last eater

After that, I go to the bridge, and there was no titanite demon on it
Well, after all this, I go to Chaos bed, kill two orbs, die myself and after I respawn and to boss again, this titanite demon appear again

Probably it's just bug place
The titanite demon in Lost Izalith respawns even if you kill him
This is the hell you go to upon death if you were the kid who made the "what what chicken butt" joke in 1st grade