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Are there anyone who Lv.570-Lv.600?
i want to farm invaded phantom to get lingering dragoncrest ring+2
DS2 remastered/remake when
scholar od the first sin
We dont want a remastered. We want a full remake. With different looking animations, better graphics and maybe reworked bossfights, because the foundation for the game is there, ideas are there, just poorly executed
Add underwater sections. Scholar of the first swim
Definitely some level geography redoing, too, so that the level design and map viewer makes sense. :p
ring of binding is before the dragonrider in the chest that is guarded by a heide knight its not before old dragonslayer, is it something about sotfs and the normal game? (im playing sotfs)
SotFS has it in a chest guarded by a quite knight, in regular version of game is in a chest after the draw bridge