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Having a lit torch really trivializes the Freja fight as the spiders will ignore/run away from you.
sotfs only tho
Wanna see Solaire beating all of the above bosses ? Google for 'All Dark Souls Bosses in NG+9 VS Solaire of Astora' Let us praise the sun again!



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No one cares stop the stupid posts
Wow so many bosses
Just finished ALL bosses with no summons after doing the same with DS1. Not as hard as i thought it would be and SOME good variety but some bosses are terrible.
Sir Alonne is the standout best boss in my opinion, super fun to learn and cool af when you get the dodges down. All round, definitely worth the time.
DS3 next.
Fume knight best boss
I respect yall opinions but I'm in love with Sihn the slumbering dragon.
The bosses are a joke compared to the enemies in the area I died more trying to make it to a boss than fighting the boss
Currently playing DS2 and I'm loving it so far! Can't wait for DLC!
it's all great till those two tigers
I started DS2 after i completed 100& on Bloodborne and DS3 and completed like 80% of DS, and this game just seems very slow to me now ... My character is so chunky, and every single oponnent is moving much slower than the enemies i am familiar with (but that`s fair, they could not have the same speed as in DS3/BB). I can not fully enjoy this game, because i realy liked the speed of the new games, but i really like the loot and lore from DS2. I would love to play DS2, but i can not play this game if i got the (in my opinion) better game DS3.

I`m quite in a pickle, indeed.
As someone who loves Bloodborne with a passion, DS2 can feel really slow going between the two games. I love Bloodborne for the speed, but I also love DS2 for making me think more on where I position and how I roll. BB you can get away with being aggressive and relying on your quicksteps, but DS2 makes you put more thought into your dodging and attack ranges. You can enjoy both, it's just a matter of understanding what kind of playstyle you want at the time. If you want fast and aggressive, play BB. If you want slower and attack/response, play DS2. But that's just what I do
The thing is, i want to play dark souls 1 and 2 for the whole content - New Armor, Weapons, Bosses, characters and questlines and a new map would be really cool; But everytime i play it, it just doesnt feel right, you know? I absolutly loved BB and DS3 and i loved the fast playstyle in it. I´m not saying DS1 or DS2 are bad, they are great games; But somehow they just feel too clunky for me :/ And i am one of that kind of person who does not parry ( i realy hate it lol), so maybe these older games could be even harder... But i have to give them another try! Is there maybe a really fast playstyle that would fit me ?
I understand exactly how you feel. I actually despised playing 3 and BB because I'm someone who prefers slower more methodical gameplay. Mind you I got both on launch day and played through them before deciding they weren't my cup of tea. The way o see it each souls game plays so different that your bound to not enjoy the feel of the others or any other mechanic or lore when compared to the others. Which is actually great. A series with multiple games that cater to 4 separate kinds of people. Ds 1,2,3 and BB are all nice. Like to me the better games are ds 2 and BB (actually came around on bloodborne eventually) while 3 and 1 are a bit lacking. Sorry kinda went on a tangent lol. I like talking about these games or games in particular
Oh yea. A good way to speed up the game bro for ds 1 is using a DeX build with either katana or scimitar while utilizing the dark wood grain ring. Straight up will let you feel like you have a better dodge than the Bloodborne dodging. It also let's you play really aggressive thanks to the fluid back flipping you do :P
Then a good way to make 2 more fast paced for your is make sure your carry weight is 40% or below. 25% being the best. Get 15 ADP. rIt's perfect for pve and pvp. Have been using that amount since 2014 and it hasn't given any of my builds problems with dodging. Then ofcourse use a DeX weapon. The best choices for fluid movement being katanas(ofcourse) scimitars, or thrusting swords this time around. And the reason you want such a low carry weight ,if it's not obvious, because it affects your total downtime when rolling and it makes a much smoother animation the lower it is. Also massively increases the distance rolled. It's also worth mentioning backsteppinh attacks on 2 is amazing once practiced pve its ofcourse cool and possibly helpful but not practical. Pvp it can help with finding and opening, applying pressure, baiting and landing that decisive blow. it's still going to be slower because 2 is meant to be that way but this build let's you play extremely aggressive. Ofcpurse you could always use magic, which is how I prefer playing because lasers and spells go burr, but I feel your a melee kinda bro.
Wait till you get to Iron keep the knights dip to get a piece of your booty they are so fast if you are a spellcaster your screwed
Late to the party, but I honestly hate when people bash the older games for how slow or not as flowing they are than the latter. And that is only because it is when you have what to compare it with, which means you played the latters first. Is it realy that hard to start a franchise from the begining? In doing so you not only can follow the lore (however much you manage to follow on your own) but you know that the latters games will have advanced in termss of mechanics, they will become "better" so to speak. Now going for a newer game first and then bashing the old one that it's clunky, you are just an idiot and an *******.

Even if we take bloodborne, that game differed greatly from dark souls formula, and it was realy great, getting rid of shields, rewarding aggresivness, you just have to play it differently than DS and as many like to joke that BB is the same as DS, it realy isn't. Now if you started from bloodborne and loved it, it's ok, then decided to give dark souls a try and it was too slow for you, ok it just not for you, you don't feel like having fun with the mechanics present. Then that should be it, but not to bash the game that essentialy plays different from BB and say it's slow and ****, as it is supposed to be slower than BB
i hate to be this guy but technically the four area bosses are optional due to the soul door at the shrine of winter.
You're right, in ymfah "DS2 Iniciant guide" you see that he go to the castle without fight a single boss
Ive beat the "final boss" and got credits but I don't want to start NG + w/o beating the king but he won't fight me?? Also I saw the fire guy who scares the **** out of you at the 3 bonfires but didn't get to fight him?? Plz help
The King (Vendrick) is highly resistant to damage until you start collecting giant souls from giant memories (you need to talk to ancient dragon before you are able to access them) after you kill Vendrick you should be able to fight Aldia (the fire guy that scared you) hope this helps, good luck! :) --- all the information youll need for vendrick
and to get aldia --- but if uve beaten the game and got the standart ending and afterwards kill vendrick u have to use an Bonfire Ascetic at kings gate. (which i had to use and had to do these on +3 :P)
2. link

my mistake
Sorry but The last giant's Soul reward is now only 6k. Hope yall change dat
It is still 10k so summons drops to 6k
You are just a casul that uses NPCs .... Even on one of the easiest bosses. Summoning phantoms decrease the souls from 10k to 6k, so you better not summon any
You can't call someone a casual without knowing Jim maybe this is the First dark souls for him. Maybe he played other title that you didn't play so Who Is the casual you, me or him?
lol im only on heides and my brother is on drangelic and he's already going to fight sinh then fume and then ivory