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Just defeated a pkcs tryhard with this thing.
Imagine losing with the best dueling weapon in the game kekw
How is this weapon, as a secondary weapon, especially with minimal WA usage? Currently using Moonlight Greatsword.
I would say useful as a backup weapon or secondary. If not using WA then you would be limited to the normal moveset as a dagger.

It's good as a secondary.
It's treason then...


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if you manage to guard break someone with the WA you can follow up with two WA R2s which deals quite a bit of damage due to the WA dealing thrust damage or just the guard breaking effect (or both we)
Useful as a fidget spinner,
10/10 would SPEEN again
Could it be? A weapon page that PKCS guy hasn't commented on yet? Amazing, this is a miracle
I've seen PKCS all over the place but I dont have a clue what it stands for could someone somewhere please educate me
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My only probmem with this weapon is the color. Why isn't there a ruby dagger with fire damage? Or a gold dagger with lightning damage?

Anyway, 9/10. It's a dagger versatile and solid enough to use as a main weapon.
So the WA is literally Farron flashsword but cooler?