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For those that haven't found it yet, you can get Havel Greatshield from Archdragon Peak, when you get to the bonfire next to The Nameless King just go outside to the area with all the snake dudes (not the way with the stone lizards) in one of the broken tower parts you'll find a walkway, follow it into the next bit, it'll be a small balcony with one stone lizard, there are some ladders on this balcony that leads up to the roof, on the roof you will find Havel Himself, defeat him and you'll get his shield and the Dragon Tooth Great Club.
after you kill him, you get get his armor back where the demon thing is above the old wolf of farren
also has anyone found Orma and Reevs yet?



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Dropped by the Mimic at Profaned Capital. He is close by the boss entrance.
Missing Cathedral Knight Greatshield
but its not tho
but you're two years late tho
make it 4
make it 5


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Greatshield + Carthus Blood Ring + Caestus to spam the leaping Ghrus renders all PVE trivial. Seriously you can beat the game easily on any run with just these three items and whatever straight sword.
Having played the game with a shields only build recently, I'm disappointed with the damage output of the "ultra greatshields". They will happily munch much more stamina than other greatshields but the damage doesn't really match the extra consumption. Their insane weight and high strength requirements should be punishment enough for the extra stability which isn't really even necessary for PVE. The Black Iron Greatshield seems like the ultimate greatshield, great defenses and stability for a relatively low weight and most importantly, it's easily available fairly early.
I've been doing a shield only run to entertain myself during this coronavirus crap. It does seem like black iron greatshield is the best bet out of all the greatshields, it consumes less stamina per swing with damage comparable to the other greatshields, and has respectable stability and defenses. The only other greatshield I'd consider viable as a weapon is the bone wheel shield just for the ridiculous WA
"Oh I'm a ***** I use riot shield"
Tell me what to *****ing use huh?
Anyone who plays this game with a shield is actually pathetic. Just learn to dodge...



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Don’t let Havel hear you say that.


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The people who disliked this don't know the meme
Elden Ring coming 2025!
*sobbing* a hu hu hu...
2022 actually :)
I don't really see people using great shields anymore. You get I-frames and can reposition yourself when you roll anyway, which is better than getting chip damage and standing ground. People would rather have an average-performing block shield, a medium roll, and invest more in points into damage for trading, than a slightly better block shield, risk fat-rolling, and invest points into VIT.
Apart from the Ancient Dragon Shield, t's a shame there isn't a low STR greatshield with weapon skill WA. I want a great shield to infuse simple & use on my mage.