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As the wiki says, hitting multiple enemies at once counts towards the combo. A charged 1h r2 with a whip against the deacons of the deep will usually activate this ring every time as well as activating the right eye, carthus beacon, and the old wolf curved sword.
in case deacons weren't easy enough
i like how the farron greatsword has its own catigory
does this work with the pryomancy flame? or is it strictly weapons only?
Works with demon scar, wich is both. Doesnt work with spells though
fast weapon (tryhard winblades), evil eye and this: Bloodborne
Shut up idiot
No, no. He's got a point!

Pontiff Left Eye, Evil Eye Ring, Chloranthy and Ring of Favor could turn this game to a fun interpretation of Bloodborne.
It's not a bad idea.
Certainly would make NG+3 and higher more difficult to pull off, though.
Is it just me, or this ring makes power within s health drain irrelevant?
Just watched limit breaker s vid about op healing with this and tried to pull it off with utra greatsword guts on 3 harald knights. You have to stun them first with fully charged r2 and then get the two hits of the weapon art. Boy, pulling that trick off was so badass (i recommend deep protection or power within to regen stamima)
Damn it, of course I just cracked this for souls lmao
No surprise that Pontiff didnt see those parries comin, he gave away both of his eyes.
Does Crow's Quills weapon art proc this faster?
Yep! Check out Limit Breakers video: pontiff's left eye and the best weapons to abuse it.
Doing L1, L1, L1 with the brigand twindaggers is enough to trigger the healing, makes the twindaggers very good for large groups of enemies .