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*Enraged shriek of despair*
I wonder if this is an oversight, you can switch the ring between the first and second slot without breaking it but that realistically means taking it off one finger and placing it on the other which should break it
Not if you line your fingers up so it immediately goes from one to another with no gap. Think, McFly.
That's only if you consider the ring slots as different fingers. I always looked at it more like DnD, Where you have attunement slots. Just because you put the magic crown you got in a different attunement slot doesnt mean it's not still going on your head. It's also sorta how the weapons work, if you put a long sword in the first slot or second, it's in your right hand either way.
Nope! Just point 2 fingers against each other with the tips, form a line, then grab the ring with your teeth and slide it across the finger to the other finger. Its that easy!
It may sound great at first but is it worth losing the freedom of using 2 different rings? Overall it might make the character less specialized to deal with or take advantage of specific situations but on the other hand the stat bonuses are significant (it's almost like wearing 3 different rings in one slot) and make the player more versatile overall. It's quite a dilemma!
for someone's first playthrough this is a good choice. I just think of it as I have 1 ring slot and 20% more health, stamina, and equip load.
OP replying: It's a great high level ring (perhaps the best) for later in the game that can replace Havel's ring once the player has enough stamina not to need it anymore. Until that point, Havel's ring is kind of a "permanent" ring that most melee players don't take off so having two "permanent" rings is kind of limiting since removing Havel's ring without enough stamina and losing mid-roll is a no-go imo.
I've found it pretty good so far. Still I'm wondering because there are other rings I'd like to try out. I've been rolling with Havel and FAP since the beginning of the game.
Literally the best ring in the entire game.
why does everyone hate this ring? it gives you massive bonuses and if you lose a ring slot so what? you still got another for your havels or your gold/silver serpent.



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It's the best ring in the game, or perhaps just behind Havels... The problem is, when you take it off it breaks (you lose it)... so if you make a build around it (for example you can only fast roll with this ring on (it could be a thing in lower than meta builds) you don't really want to take it off, or you will mess up your build, so you only have 1 Ring slot to spare... In PVE this isn't much of an issue, but in PVP, a good player, will constantly swap rings: swap into a Havel (when you are using a really heavy weapon) swap into a Wolf Ring (when an opponent is trying to break your poise) a Red Ring (when you want to deal massive Damage to an OP 711 player) swap into Fog Ring (when you need to hide) a Leo Ring (when you suddenly change into a thrust weapon) a DWG ring (to escape with ninja flips or whatever) swap into Magic Bleed Lightning Defense Ring; a Hornet Ring to boost your criticals ETCETERA, and All the combinations above, that's why ideally you want the Two Slots available...
Making an item that is the most OP ring but coming at "a cost" is just a stroke of genius by FromSoft, things like this are what makes this game a master piece.
All that time I thought you were complaining lel...
eu desequipei o anel sem saber disso
se fudeu kkkk
My preciousss. Me never will take it off!
Imagine being salty because you loose 1 of your 2 ring slots...

*Laughs in 4 Ring Slots*
*Laughs in Bearer of the Curse*
*Laughs in Ashen One*