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Is there someone that can help me to farm these? It would be much appreciated Psn:McBrewery
hey, i can help you if help me :p
if you still need help
psn: _banditoquente

I could also use your help to farm them.
Sent an invite. Speedmon1986
Someone wanna help me? =) Steam: 158623478
Hey I sent you a request (pineapplebun). I also need to farm the shackles so let’s help each other
^^^sorry turns out my invitation wasn’t sent, and cannot be sent even til now because I’m having an error in sending you an invitation
Anyone want to farm these togheter? Steam id: 55335018
Anyone wanna help me farm these: PS4 Id: Blackout_Dante
Im down psn
sifu zenki
Is offer still up I'm Mona- skull
Speedmon1986. I need help with these too
If someone wants to farm it on PS4 my id is Kurayo1
I don’t mind, but I’ll be busy with finals for the next 3 weeks. I also need help farming too. I can do it anytime after the 30th is that okay? My PS4 ID is Infustrial_Revy
Actually I think I'll have time either friday or saturday, just message Industrial_Revy.
Same here, PSN is SkoomaShooter,
Speedmon1986. I need farming help too. Only trophy remaining. Im about to send invite
I need some help farm this, man. It's the last Pyro spell to get the trophy. :(

I can also help anyone that wants to farm it. PSN ID is: DevilsHazard111
I need help farming these. PSN ID speedmon1986. Send invites. Leave me a note here. I will be checking daily
Do you still need these? PSN NaturalMtnDew
Yes!!!! I will add you in a bit when I get home!!! Thanks!!! Lookout for my invite!!!
I sent an invite mtdew guy! It will show speedmon1986
Any chance you still need help and/or would like to help me farm these? Send me an invite Br3n1029
Anyone on xbox want to farm these together? I need 28 more. GT is Ghyver
Gt EyedPaladin055
need help faming!! PSN: Munraxa :)
Hi do you still need these? Need to farm them PSN: ashmatic_fanai
need help farming please PSN: asthmatic_fanai
Me too. Want to help each other?


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Need help farming these on Xbox - GT is: a pap3r plat3