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What does he say when he's attacked?
Nobody knows, because nobody attacks the one and only, marvelous onion knight! How dare you think of such an atrocity?!^^
As someone who loves to kill NPC's for fun (only p*ssys feel bad about fictional characters lol), he says: "no sense in holding back now, feel the fury of a knight of Catarina"
Man without heart
To everybody confused. to get Emit force you don't need to kill yhorm without letting Siegward from well. I got it in the kitchen, without stepping into irathyll dungeon.
guys i need help, i freed him from his cell but he didn't show up at the boss
Same thing happened to me
Same thing and I’ve done every interaction with him
Apparently, if you already triggered the battle with yhorm this happens, it happened to me
yhorm you had a true friend


Battle Tested

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I love the whole Seigmeyer/Seiglinde/Seigward bloodline. If there is ever a true successor to Dark Souls, I would enjoy seeing a whole legion of these cheery onion knights. An epic battle, followed by the most epic of toasts. And a few hundred kegs of Seigbrau.
He died almost immediately to Yhorm. Feels bad that he didn't find his peace
yhorm old friend I sigward of Catarina have come to uphold my promise may the the sunshine on this lord of cinder

i can imagine sigward was tearing up under his helmet i feel sorry for them bother the only true friendship in darksouls

yhorm and sigward may the sunshine on you both and rest in peace
Dudes first try no hits against Yhorm. Ty Siegward. He was brave until the end.
Wait what? I've never even met sygward nor patches in the cathedral in my first playthrough and yet I found him in the Irithyll kitchen when I got there. And Patches, he trapped me at the bell tower in firelink, and then I immediately killed him afterwards when he became a merchant, but I've never found nor interacted with siegward at all in the cathedral.

My memory may be a bit fuzzy, but I don't think I could have forgotten an interaction with siegward in the cathedral.