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long mfs. love them
But then, pkcs users entered the ring....and casuls who use this sword start running away like cockroaches, or even worst, begging for mercy.
I know it's just one guy making all of these comments
what is with this pkcs thing
This is all your own sad experience isn't it?
pkcs=Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
It's an innoccuous weapon in PvE, maybe even underpowered.
But in PvP it's raw cancer and can instantly shut down any weapon without hyperarmor (which includes the GottHards)
As far as I know, PKCS is countered by straight swords, and this being the longest range SW, I guess this one beats the pontiff, am I right?
PK is most def not countered by straight swords. It’s a bit outranged sure, but the start up speed of the r1, reaction rollcatching, and it’s ability to combo staggered r1s make up for ye range difference
L1 + r1 + l1 + l1 +r1

A brutality kode for this weapon.
chaos gotthard twinswords. op
Wow, I used these for the first time after years and I only just noticed... This is basically DS3 version of Bloodborne's Rakuyo's. It shares so many moves with the same animations...
I just wanted to duel wield swords. Not be a tryhard :(
In dark and chaos infusions it gets c/c/a/a you should fix it
It's a/a for chaos and d/d for dark for me.
600+ hours and I never used a straight sword
i picked these up and holy **** I am never using anything else


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Agreed, I've found myself using these a bit too much recently, over more interesting choices such as the red hilted, or the estoc
These are the only interesting, fun to use straight swords in DS3.
Guess you could say...
Everyone gotthard watching the Elden Ring reveal
I'll see myself out
Wow! A Sword that isnt broken! What a loser Weapon! If you want to be a pro like me, use the Broken Straight Sword! Otherwise you are trash
Nah real pros use the torch
At 66 str and 99 dex Refined Broken Straight Sword +10 has 307 AR. The Torch +10, which unlike the Broken Straight Sword can't be infused, only has 104 AR + 160 fire damage, which equals 264 AR. Far less than the Broken Straight Sword! What a trash weapon!