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I shall defend m'lady with my +15 uchi for you have disgraced her
The Chosen Undead needs not shower for his Greataxe Deodorant masks all bodily odors
looks a bit like that archer apostle, Irvine's hat in Berserk. Maybe this hat and where you get it from is a nod to that?
Many of the content of Dark Souls is inspired by Berzerk.
If you ever wanted to play Robin Hood in Dark Souls, this hat is a necessity.
Funny you should say that; that’s my character that I’ve made right now!
he? or she? because some sources said its a female character



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Pharis is a female, with a little attention you can notice in the fight with her.
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The description says he, but the npc that wears this hat is female.
The Forest Hunters are literally bandits. Obviously the woman who wears and uses his stuff killed and looted him, which is what the whole covenant is about. Killing and looting "trespassers"
Broad-brimmed hat favored by the archer hero Pharis. Pharis was an accomplished archer, and though he was human, he ranked alongside Hawkeye Gough, one of the Four Knights of Lord Gwyn. His hat is universally popular among children." pharis is male the discription says that

Male character: Bloodborne cosplay Female character: Uhh, wha?
This with Chester's set = Bloodborne cosplay.
God the female version is just horrendous
Hunter's hat