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The music is f**king phenomenal
Say what you want about boss, but that music is something we can all agree on as amazing
Equip Farron Greatsword>Enter arena>Run straight to Champ and L1 him to death before his pet comes and destroys you
Worked on NG+, thanks anon
An NPC, a gank fight AND an absolute struggle with the camera controls? OH BOY WHAT ISNT THERE TO LOVE ABOUT THIS "BOSS" FIGHT? Friede was fun, this is just ***.
This mf took me 2 hours to beat, it's quite easy to kill champion's gravetender cuz he can be parried, but the wolf? It's absolute bs, I always died to the wolf due to the speed and high damage, glad it can be stunned and riposted.
Kind of a disappointing boss fight. The four on one is mildly irritating although not real hard, the two on one is a nuisance because if you don't take the Gravetender down very fast the wolf will kill you without with cheap shots from behind without any chance to heal. But then when you finally kill all the fodder and get down to a one on one with the doggo - the ice breath that shoots through the that is just obnoxious.
People are exaggerating by comparing it to Sister Friede, but this boss is indeed annoying. My tip is to do your best to prevent it from becoming a gank and to use the boss arena to your favor. In the start, the small wolves will come at you one by one, before the champion reaches. They have a tendency to try to circle you, so stay in the narrowest part of the path and kill them one by one. Don't play footsies with the human gravetender, keep your shield up and counterclockwise circle strife him to chain backstabs. Try to finish him off before the big wolf comes down, or you are in for a bad time. With the big wolf in, you can stay behind the columns to heal or hide from his charge. But you will eventually have to leave to actually deal some damage to him.
knock off sif and artorias change my mind
Of course it is, nobody is trying to say otherwise man
I beat them in one try without an ember with the Astora gs and Black Knight shield. I highly recommend a ugs. The poise makes the little wolves easy and the range and stun make the champion easy. I beat the big wolf before the champion by just dodging around it, hitting once in the side, then continuing to dodge. The shield’s high stability helped when I screwed up a dodge or when the champion shot a spell. It really wasn’t hard and took like 15 minutes
I believe the Greatwolf will not attack if you are wearing the complete Wolf Knight set.
Might remind him of a friend from the past.
It dose still attack you if it was sif maybe it may not attack but this wolf I sent him or her